Save Up To £200 on your Excess Payment

Bumped your car? We can help!

Save up to £200 on your excess with the voucher below!

Print out and save the voucher. You never know when you will need it!

Let us handle your claim. Under fair trading law you have the right to nominate CMBB Ltd as your repairer and enjoy the benefits we can offer including:

  • Extended warranties
  • Quality paint products
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Like for like vehicle upgrades
  • Free insurance claim handling
  • In the event of a motor accident call us first on 0161 428 5722 and save up to £200 on your excess payment.

Like for like replacement vehicle upgrade when repaired with us for non fault accidents. Call in for your free estimate and details.

Click to download the voucher below…

  • NBRA
  • Trading Standards Approved
  • AIRC